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This's an update blog about my favorite Korean Artist Hyun Bin.
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Senin, 24 Desember 2012


Hyun Bin was appeared in the public area for the first time last December 21, 2012 at the time for voting/election of a new president of South Korea. Hyun Bin gave his vote in the 5th location  Samsung-dong in Gangnam Gu district, Seoul city around 5 pm. Hyun Bin was wearing winter clothes all in black, with a thick scarf draping covering half of his face plus a hat.

His gorgeous face was attracting peoples surround him. Here below is Hyun Bin's photos once the election day. 

Selasa, 11 Desember 2012


There are some quotes in the dialogue that were raised by Hyun Bin as the handsome CEO Kim Joo Won in the Secret Garden drama
Here are couple of them :

Kim Soo Han Moo Geo Bukgi Wa Doo Roo Mi Sam Cheon Gab Sa Dong Bang Sark Chi Chi Ka Po Sa Ri Sa Ri Sen Ta Weo Ri Weo Ri Se BBu Ri Ka Moo Doo Sel La Goo Roomi Heo Ri Kae In Dam 

 This sentence is spoken by Kim Joo Won once he felt like to calm down himself or upset. Joo Won frequently uttered Kim Soo Han Moo after his first meeting with Gil Ra Im and Gil Ra Im always haunt his mind.

Since What Age Did You Become So Pretty?

  Remember the scene that Kim Joo Won do sit up in Action School where he did not get a partner and eventually was forced Gil Ra Im to be his partner. This scene may be said to be the most parodied scenes throughout year 2011.

Senin, 10 Desember 2012


Hyun Bin has completed his twenty one month’s military service on Marine and discharged on Dec. 6. Hyun Bin enlisted as a marine team in the 113th term Marine Corps last March 2011 and has been serving in a combat infantry troop stationed on Paekryeong Island. Over 500 fans that was several came from Japan and Hongkong and also media were waiting him in the Marine Corps headquarters in Hwaseong, Kyonggido from early morning for his leave at 10 a.m. Hyun Bin in his speech session said, “Thanks to fans who coming here in the cold weather to greet me.” He continued, “I joined the army twenty-one months ago. I learned a lot and felt became stronger in my service during army service.”

There was one moment he was crying once he said, “I wanted to act so much. During my reward vacations, I endured seeing my juniors in acting. I will reward you with good work and return to you with the good energy I received during army.”

Fans welcomed Hyun Bin with banners and signs with messages such as “We remember your bright 640 days in the army. We are more looking forward to your time from now” “Cool guy Hyun Bin. We are proud of you.” and “Unforgettable Hyun Bin” Fans also carried  dozens of flower bouquet with them for Hyun Bin and 3,000kg rice which will be donated to the poor under Hyun Bin.

Rabu, 05 Desember 2012


Hyun Bin’s hits drama Secret Garden will start airing in a 3D version this Thursday December 6, 2012. Samsung Electronics, a giant electronic's distributor - which is Hyun Bin is one of their endorser for their Smart TV product, has made an agreement with SBS Contents Hub last  May. Based on the agreement, SBS will air Secret Garden in a 3D version sponsored by Samsung in celebrating of Hyun Bin's discharge from his military service.

On December 5, Samsung Electronics reported that SBS TV’s popular drama series Secret Garden will be re-aired on the day Hyun Bin left the Marine Corp. This is the third time for Samsung to air in a 3D version after SBS TV’s drama series Deep Rooted Tree and Inkigayo.

Senin, 26 November 2012